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It's essential that the customer service your online casino offers is THE BEST!

Ever played with an online casino which is thousands of miles from your home and felt ignored when you needed help? It happens folks and this is unacceptable. Casino gambling is supposed to be fun, not a nightmare!

When it comes to choosing an online casino, it's important to know that the customer service department will be on hand to assist you when you need a hand.

A credible casino is measured by the quality of their customer service department. Here's a few things to look at when selecting an online casino:

-The more ways to reach them! Toll free phone, e-mail, and fax. The more the better and it can't hurt to do a test just to see how they respond!

- Are the online casino's phone operators knowledgeable, polite and eager to assist you?

- Is your e-mail replied to in a timely fashion, with a personal responses, not a crappy form letter?

- Do they speak your language?

- Many online casino gambling establishments offer a "play for free option" which we highly recommend you check out as well. Some online casino's offer a better interface and more games than others. Make sure your playing at the best online casino you can find!


Safety and Availability of Funds: Convenience and fast payout of your funds is of paramount importance. If you wish to withdraw funds from your account, how fast do they transfer your money? If they are surly or give you a hard time, asking you why you want the money, withdraw all your cash and close your casino gambling account, and find another casino to gamble with.

Complete and Accurate Accounting: How easy is it to view your account? Is the account accurate or are there "clerical" errors. Always keep track of your account on your cash balance so you can track your results. If there are errors, have them correct the errors and then politely close the account and find another online casino. It's hard enough to beat the casino gambling odds, who needs problems with their accounting?

Customer Service: The online casino should have a professional and courteous English speaking staff, and customer friendly business policies.

State of the Art Computer Technology: Check the speed with which funds and bets are posted and the accuracy of your wagers made.

Size of the Operation: Do they have enough phone lines and customer service reps to get your questions or concerns answered in a timely fashion? Are there enough clerks and supervisors working at the operation, especially during rush periods? A tipoff is if the same people always answer your call. That may indicate under capitalization within the operation.


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